About Us

The Caribbean Food Crops Society is an independent professional organization with interdisciplinary orientation and membership. It was constituted in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on May 3rd, 1963. It is not affiliated with any public or private institution. It is a non-profit organization, which fosters communication between persons capable of contributing to the development of science, technology, and production of food crops and animals in the countries of the Caribbean Basin.


The objectives of the Society are to advance and foster Caribbean food production, processing and distribution in all aspects, so as to help improve the quality of life for the people of the Caribbean. It brings together scholars, researchers, extensionists, growers, and other professionals associated with food production, distribution, and policy. It seeks to involve members from all four main language groups of the region (English, Spanish, French, and Dutch).


  • Each year the society convenes an annual meeting in various countries and territories throughout the Caribbean region highlighting the areas most relevant to that particular country/territory. The meeting provides an opportunity for science researchers, farmers, etc., to exchanging information on research and technology.

    Since its first meeting in 1964, the Society has convened annual meetings in 15 nations of the Caribbean. The annual meeting is comprised in two parts: technical sessions and annual business sessions.


  • Seek solutions to important problems limiting the production, processing, and marketing of food crops and animals in the Caribbean.


Is held before the last day of the annual technical meetings of the society.

At each annual meeting the members chose by a simple majority the proposed and alternative sites of the next Annual Meetings. The sites are rotated among the countries of the Caribbean Basin.