The purpose of the Proceedings of the Caribbean Food Crop Society is to communicate the results of applied and technical research and teaching to the needs of scientists, extension personnel, stakeholders and administrators interested in all aspects of agriculture in the Caribbean region.

For those persons who presented either an oral or poster presentation at the 54th Annual Meeting CFCS 2018 in Belize.

I. Submission of Manuscript

The Caribbean Food Crops Society will publish annual meeting proceedings electronic formats.  The proceedings are placed on the official CFCS website, free of charge.

The Society is not responsible for statements and opinions advanced in its meeting or printed in its proceedings; they represent the views of the individuals to whom they are credited and are not binding on the Society as a whole. 

II. Subject Matter and Prior Submission Policy

Manuscripts submitted for publication in the Proceedings must have been presented at the annual meeting of the Caribbean Food Crops Society either as an oral or a poster presentation and can be in English, French, or Spanish.  The manuscript should report original research or could be idea papers, not published elsewhere previously. 

III. Manuscript Review and Publication Costs

Manuscripts presented for publication in the Proceedings will be published with minor editorial changes, if needed. However, editors may request revisions if needed. 

There is no publication fee for the authors

IV.  Instruction to Authors

Please follow these guidelines while preparing your manuscript. 

  1. Prepare the manuscript in Microsoft Word and submit only one electronic file. Combine all text, figures and tables into one file. 

  2. The deadline for submission of papers is January 31, 2019, and Email your manuscript to

  3. Use Times New Roman font, 12 size for all the text. 

  4. Number all pages and place the numbers in the bottom centered. 

  5. Italicize all scientific names. 

  6. The title should be in capital letters and in bold. 

  7. Provide the last name of all the authors with their first name and middle name initial(s).    

  8. Indicate the institutional affiliations for all the authors by marking author’s names with superscript numbers and indicating the affiliations below. 

  9. Underline the name of the presenting author. 

  10. Provide a postal and Email address for the corresponding author.  

  11. Divide the manuscript into the following sections:  ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, METHODS, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, and REFERENCES. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION sections could be combined together. These sections should be in capital letters and bold.

  12. Limit the abstract to 500 words.

  13. Provide at least three key words, at the end of the abstract.   

  14. Cite by author name and year format, placed in brackets. Examples:  (Gallardo, 1992; Schmidt et al., 1977)

  15. All Tables should have a descriptive title. Provide foot notes to tables in font size 10. 

  16. Indicate statistical significance, probability, correlation coefficient etc. for quantitative data reported in figures or tables with appropriate notations. 

  17. Define all abbreviations at their first use. 

  18. Both Color, and Black and White photographs and illustrations can be included.  For photographs, a minimum of 300 dpi is needed. 

  19. Make sure that the figures are made in their final size and should be less than or up to14 cm wide.

  20. The labels for X axis, Y axis and other lettering inside the figures should be at least 2 mm in final size. 

  21. In the references section, use complete names of the journals and follow the style in the samples shown below. 


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